Get that sad, sad ride home with Uber Rewards


When life gets
in the way

Uber Rewards keeps life moving. Like when the saddest fans on earth just want to go home and cry a little.

These videos were created for Super Bowl 2019, leading up to the finals between Boston and Los Angeles


Glass half full

The videos were released in a series of fun social posts, each exploring a different kind of sad. The expressions were kept consistent, match-cut to the ride back home

6 videos were created to support the hero campaign with Russell Wilson



Creative Director – Rian O’Neill
Sr. Art Director – Dave Colson
Art Director – Sargam Gupta
Designers – Dave Colson, Micael Butial, Sargam Gupta
Director – Mike Murray
Cinematographer – Elias Koch
Line Producer – Gemma Edwards
Editor – Patrick Dear


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