Concept & Design – Sargam Gupta
Clients – Nadia Bahl & Carol Singh

Antidote Juice – Overview

Antidote is a cold-pressed organic juice range that aims to provide rare nutrients in the form of 5 juice cleanses. Each cleanse is named after its core function: Skinny Down for weight loss, Nine Lives for anti-ageing, Exhale for detox, Light Up for skin & Horsepower for strength.



The juice comes in an amber medicine bottle as Antidote is essentially a "cure" for our relatively unhealthy lifestyle.


Unlike other juices, Antidote uses carefully calculated nutrients. The identity stems from this key factor. The framework is a drop created using geometric shapes symbolising the juice and used as an iconic base for all illustrations.



Given that Antidote isn’t really a fruit juice, I created a primary colour palette with mints and greys, accompanied with a secondary colour palette custom created for each juice type. The colours compliment each other, yet stand out



A friendly geometric san serif coupled with a classic serif to bring out the presence of timeless superfoods like Ashwagandha, Moringa, Wheatgrass and Noni. Each cleanse had a custom arrow glyph designed to tie in the usage of both typefaces together

Booklet 0544 2019-08-19_1.jpg

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