Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

Uber Rewards is a loyalty program that lets you earn points on Rides and Uber Eats

Rewards when you need it most
The has 4 tiers – Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Points lead up to benefits such as with $5 Uber Cash and priority airport pickups

12 videos
24 Stills
1 Concept


Remembering life’s inconveniences

The program’s benefits seek to make daily life more seamless by eliminating ‘first world pains’. Our concept introduces these benefits by resolving everyday relatable “stuck moments” in a short, humorous, loop-able way

The look
Each video has a colour story based on each of the Reward tier colours, with natural authentic visual tones. We shot these in Mexico City to maximise on our colour story


2x the points
on UberX

My personal favourite – insight being that an UberX is great for when you’re riding with friends, but also when you want your own space.

After some explorations involving how we can show an otherwise social person wanting some alone time, this is what we landed on.

Priority Pickups at Airports – Platinum

3x the points on Uber Black – Blue

Flexible Cancellations – Gold

Price Protection – Platinum

No Lost and Found Fee – Platinum

Social Media

We created 12 months worth of content for social media that could be used across paid and owned channels. All videos called out how Uber Rewards eased first world pains in creative executions that are fun to watch

Bo Deng Uber Rewards four-tiers_9625.jpg


Creative Director – Bo Deng
Art Directors – Sargam Gupta, Tomoko Fushimi
Designers – Sargam Gupta, Tomoko Fushimi
Copywriter – Joseph Katool
Producer – Sam Heller
Brand Strategist – Sol Diaz
Program Manager – Shawnti Amil
Director – Filfury
Production Agency – The Mill


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